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The Leader of Fitout Companies in Dubai
A&T Group Interiors is one of the leading fit out companies in Dubai. We offer an extensive selection of turnkey solutions for companies that are based in Dubai. Since 2009, A&T has been making an impact on interior design fit out, allowing us to build a significant client base that trusts us for breathtaking designs, while adhering to delivery times and budgets. We take our work seriously and ensure that everything is precise down to the slightest detail.
While there are other interior fit out companies in UAE, none of them have the prestige that A&T Group Interiors has. Our clients know our work when they see it and when you work with us, you’ll have an experience unlike any other. We are one of the few fit out companies in Dubai that offer conceptual designs, mood boards to give you a sense of the ambience, while ensuring that only the top trained professionals are included on your project. Ensuring a job that is well done.
We also understand the resources of our beautiful planet are limited. That is why we make an effort to help protect the environment. In fact, we are one of the few fit out companies in Dubai that take this approach. We ensure that greener compressors and renewable wood floors are used when possible, reducing the impact on the environment, while saving our customers as much as 45% on their energy bills.
Our integrity and core values are another reason why so many people trust us. If you are looking for the most trusted interior fit out company in Dubai, then contact us today at A&T. We’ll ensure that you have an experience that is unlike any other and that everything is according to the design standards in place.
History & Philosophy
A&T is a dynamic interior fit-out and turnkey solutions company based in Dubai, UAE. Founded in 2009 by Atti Abu Assi and Tareq Khalafawi who found great synergies in their commercial, design, and technical experiences, and a great opportunity in the local and regional market. Bootstrapped in their beginning, they opted to finance the business by themselves, starting with only 6 people. A&T focused on landing small-scale jobs and taking on incomplete projects and turning them into successes in a short period of time. With outstanding conceptual designs and impeccable delivery quality, A&T earned the trust of its clients in no time. As a result, A&T established a name for itself and started landing bigger, prestigious projects such as Abu Dhabi Airport, which was an example of A&T's quality of work down to the finest details.
By maintaining focus on the Food & Beverage industry, A&T managed to grow its business by more than 300% from 2009 to 2011. By 2012, A&T was already expanding onto projects even outside the UAE, in locations as remote as Tanzania and Maldives, sending out experienced engineers. By 2013, A&T extended its services into other industries such as Retail, Education & Institutions, Corporate Offices and Media, landing several large projects with companies such as twofour54 and Puma.
A&T offers different types of services, starting with Interior Turnkey Solution as a standalone package, which include design and build services consisting of conceptual designs, mood boards, general look and feel, authority approvals and execution of design. The second type of service is the fitout contracts, a project delivery system where A&T receives a design package from reputed Interior Design firms and execute it. The third type of service is FF&E wherein A&T offers to assist in the procurement of Furniture, Fixture, and Equipment to add even more value to the finished projects.
A&T's core value is the integrity of its people and the people it deals with. Bearing the initials of its founders, A&T at its core is a people's company, and people are at the core of every process and every creation. From recruiting talents, to selecting suppliers, to delivering commitments, and even qualifying clients and projects, A&T puts people first, and credits most of its success to this core value.
The earth's resources are limited, and A&T believes that it's everybody's responsibility to preserve them. Sustainability is also a core value of A&T, and it translates into every process and decision made in the company, and even reflects itself in the projects delivered. Sometimes the clients won't notice that for example, the wood purchased by A&T is all licensed and approved, but in other cases where A&T replaced the common practice of separate compressors for refrigerators in supermarkets with a centralized chilled water system, the client was glad to see 45% savings in their power bills. A&T itself is a company that applies sustainable practices internally such as being completely paperless and relying on online tools for communication and archiving.

P.O. Box 233342, M1 Zainal Mohebi Plaza, Al Kifaf Area, Trade Center Road, Dubai, UAE Phone: +971 4 396 4121 Fax: +971 4 396 4122

P.O. Box 83058, Industrial Area No. 11, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Phone: + 971 6 534 3035 Fax: + 971 6 534 8022

The Best Fit Out Contractors Dubai Has to Offer
A&T Group Interiors is one of the best fit out contractors Dubai you can choose from. Our innovative system allows for work to be delivered on time, while exceeding the expectations of our customers. We focus on all areas such as the walls, floor, ceiling, decorations and based on the needs of our customers, we begin to create a space that will work for them. We take the time to use concept designs, mood boards and ensure there are a complete set of visuals in place to ensure that our customers understand what they are ordering.
We also have a set of innovative turnkey solutions available. Our team uses an innovative system that combines designs and concepts for their projects that help customers utilize a space faster, without having to wait for a lengthy design and build process to take place. This faster approach to delivery is one of the reasons we are considered leaders among the fit out Contractors Dubai has to offer. One other service that we can assist you with is the procurement of the necessary equipment, furniture and other fixtures that your business needs. This helps to give a finished and complete feeling to your project, so you aren’t left with a space that needs considerable amounts of attention later on.
Take a moment to contact us today at A&T and find out what we can do for you. As the leaders for fit out contractors Dubai business owners have available to them, we’ll help you to create a project that you can take pride in. That way, your business is shown in the best manner possible.

Since 2009, A & T has secured itself as one of the leading companies for design and build in Dubai. With a unique insight and creativity, we have consistently delivered excellence to our customers. Through our countless repeat customers and referrals, have proven we are one of the best choices in the area.
We do this by sitting down with our clients to explore the vision they have. Our team then creates sketch layouts and adds elements to help build on identity and personal taste. A representative will need to visit the location and obtain the specs for the space. This allows us to maximize our design based the current floor plan.
We focus on every last detail to give you a true feeling of what the final project will look like. You can select a set of colors or trends to incorporate into your project. All while maintaining a feeling that is warm and inviting, yet professional.
Once we have a design ready, you will have a chance to review it. We’ll answer any questions there may be and make adjustments to ensure that you are satisfied. With years of experience in the industry, our project managers are able to bring your vision to life.
After we have your approval, we will begin the project. We’ll adhere to the designs in place, while working within the budget that you have allotted. If there are concerns, our staff will bring it to your attention right away. Our goal is to provide you with prompt, courteous service that is free of surprises.
A & T is proud to be the leading design and build provider in Dubai.


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