Our Mission
To strive relentlessly to exceed the expectations of our esteemed clients by way rendering promt and dedicated service coupled with quality workmanship and timely execution
We shall be gentle & transparent in out dealings among ourselves and with our customers as well as clients. We shall maintain a good reputation for efficiency in our work and shall have expertise for doing things right first. Integrity & honesty of our staff and workers shall never be in question. We shall embrace highest standards of personal professional integrity and business principles shall never be comprised.
Munawel Interiors LLC formerly ‘The Ambience’ was established in 2004 and subsequently incorporated in 2008.
MI is a growing group of companies offering best-in-class services across diverse verticals. The group’s dynamism and passion for excellence has helped it grow exponentially in a short span of time. The company provides interior design and consultancy services and turnkey installations for varied sectors.
MI is equipped with Architects & Interior designers, Project Engineers, Production Engineers, Purchase department, Survey (quantity) department, over 300 skilled technicians. Time management, Material management and People management are the key components of turnkey projects and our teams handle them with ease.
MI owns a workshop that takes care of custom made furniture in order to reduce the time required for on sight execution. The company also specializes in design and manufactures all types of Door Frames and Door Shutter for all needs. We have state of the art manufacturing facilities with latest machineries and modern technology. The manufacturing division is skillfully managed to efficiently handle resources with minimal cost cutting down wastage to better competitive pricing in the market.
Some of the challenging and prestigious projects that MI has undertaken are outcome of effective planning and management of time and resources. Offices, Retails, Restaurants & Café and Kiosk are the kind of projects completed by the company. As a result there is long standing relationship between the company and the clients after the completion of projects.
To name a few: Arab Bank, Dubai Bank, Al Shaya, Havelock, Giordano, Group, Damas, ITP Publishers, Iran TV, Sony.
MI has its Corporate Office and Factory in Dubai with branch offices in Abu Dhabi.
Interior Design and Concepts
Our design principles simply aim for a world class output. We aim to achieve a unified and harmonious product that stretches beyond the boundaries of interior designing. We strive to maintain the open culture often associated with startups, in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. And we deliver results in achieving breathtaking concepts that benchmark the high standards and quality of lifestyle for our clients. Consistency and continual improvement of technology to match world standards is a catalyst to our business propositions. Our design features include everything from affordable art that you can wrap around your favorite book shelf to magnificent display of your home or office... with sculptor-cut finishes.
Munawel Interiors LLC, Al Qusais, Post Box No: 117293, Dubai, UAE, Email: info@munawelgroup.com, Phone: +971 4 280 8066, Fax: +971 4 280 6464
Factory: Investment Park, Post Box No: 117293, Dubai, UAE, Email: info@munawelgroup.com, Phone: +971 4 8852011, Fax: +971 4 8852001